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Wind Power
Among the top independent operators and developers of wind farms in India based on aggregate installed capacity - the wind energy business from Orient Green Power focuses on the development and operation of wind farms in India and Europe.

The flow of wind and wind speeds has an important bearing on generation capacity. Orient Green Power has years of experience in determining the best location and installed wind turbines for maximum efficiency Even the design of our wind turbines is optimized to get the best out of low wind speeds at varying points during the year.

With a total nearly 402.3 MW wind, our wind farms are located in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, which are among the top four Indian states with the highest wind potential and which have favorable incentives for renewable energy companies. The presence in Tamil Nadu is being expanded along with other locations in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka.

In the International market, we have 10.5mw installation in Croatia, Europe.

Company Name State Capacity (MW)
Clarion Wind Farm Pvt. Limited Tamil Nadu 80.3
Gamma Green Power Pvt. Limited Tamil Nadu 45.9
Gamma Green Power Pvt. Limited Gujarat 4.0
Bharath Wind Farm Limited Andhra Pradesh 20.0
Beta Wind Farm Pvt. Limited Tamil Nadu 164.8
Beta Wind Farm Pvt. Limited Andhra Pradesh 50.4
Beta Wind Farm Pvt. Limited Gujarat 25.2
Beta Wind Farm Pvt. Limited Karnataka 1.2
vjetroelectrana c.r.n.o b.r.d.o d.o.o. Croatia,Europe 10.5
Total 402.3
Our Vision :
To maintain and enhance a diversified portfolio of renewable energy-based power projects with attractive returns.
Our Mission :
To make a significant and lasting contribution to the environment and to achieve sustainable development.